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Pam Hopman, Author of Wealth Amplified

WEALTH AMPLIFIED! book available on Amazon.com

A 5 step guide for the professional woman to make more money, keep more money, and love your life.

  • Modify your financial behavior
  • Modify your financial beliefs
  • Create passion and freedom around finances
  • Make more money and keep more money

Money Profile Quiz

Take The Money Profile Quiz!

What are your multiple money personalities? Answering these questions will identify your money personality and will set you on a path to fulfilling your financial goals and dreams. Lets get started!


Everyone approaches financial planning differently! Your are no exception.
As you move through this 4 session video course, remember, you are not wrong – just different. However, there is always room for improvement.

Introduction to the Wealth Amplified Video Course

This course is about…

  • Freedom, power, and ease around money
  • Achieving financial confidence
  • Gaining responsibility & self-awareness
  • And discovering financial fun!

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Free Financial Tools download

Money Dreams and Desires

A PDF worksheet for tackling important milestones and rewarding yourself when you accomplish them.

Money Flow Chart

A PDF money flow chart for tracking your money flow, including income and spending plan.

Spending Plan

A PDF worksheet for defining your Spending Plan and tracking your spending throughout the month.